Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hectic Weeks but I heart Them

Assalamu'alaikum semua =)

Alhamdulillah. Praise to Allah. Recently, saya selalu dapat berita gembira. First and foremost, bout d presentation last khamis. Syukur lecturer unexpectedly respond. Its kinda worrisome as it carries 30% of the marks in Anthropology but we've done the best and now hoping the rest. Well, its not something that i can forget easily as it was my very first time presenting since studying in this college. And most important is, there is something i cherish more. Guess what? I dun know why but even benda ni baru sahaja berlalu but i miss the moments with my members discussing, struggling and whining together in order to produce the simplest but unique presentation. "5P" is what i can say from this experience : PROPER PREPARATION PREVENT PRESENTATION PREDICAMENT. =_=" Haha. And the funny thing is that, lepas saja habis present, terkejar-kejar siapkan tutorial Biology as its due date is right on juma'at. Again, komitmen last minit. Ish3. *___*

Then, malamnya pulak ada kelas mengaji. Ummi kata mengaji elok-elok. Ummi dun even want to care if the "Tok Guru" rotan me. LOL. In that short time, some new things i know that impressed me soooooo much. Subhanallah. Adakah anda berminat untuk tahu? ^___^ Dalam diri manusia ni ada 3 gelombang; Alfa, Beta and Teta.
  1. Gelombang Alfa adalah gelombang kekhusyu'kan yang mana gelombang ini sangatlah baik jika berada dalam keadaan solat.
  2. Gelombang beta pula membuatkan seseorang suka memandang sesuatu dengan pandangan negatif. Walaupun sebenarnya perkara yang dipandang itu adalah perkara yang baik. *Something like that* Mintak maaf. Saya tak berapa ingat sangat (sila denda).
  3. Then is, gelombang teta. Gelombang ni yang meng"impress" saya dengan kehebatan dan kebijaksanaan Allahu robbi. Antara ni'mat Allah yang paling besar. A wave that give us serenity and calmness which according to several scientists these waves exist only at certain times which are at:
    • Ramadhan (the fasting month)
    • As-Shubhi (dawn)
    • Adh-Dhuha ( mid-morning)
    • Azan time
    • Rainy time 
So, together we strive to achieve the best waves ever. Haha. Bi iznillah. InsyaAllah. Lastly, dear friends, pray for me in my upcoming debate ok. Saranghae. 

p/s ---> As for April, Eka and Yun..come bebeh..together we prepare our weapons. Best of luck to all. Wallahuta'ala 'alam.

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