Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Let's Stay Together!!!

I was so happy when you smiled.
Your smile breaks through the clouds of gray.
Far from the sunny days that lie in sleep.
Waiting with patience for the spring.
When the flowers will bloom renewed again.
Knowing there's more beyond the pain of today.
Although the scars from yesterday remain,
You can go on living as much as your heart believes.
You can't be born again although you can change. 
Let's stay together always..

You came to me when I was alone.
All by myself again today.
The rain just keeps coming down and washes away.
All of the pain we hold inside,
we have to break free and come alive.
No more holding back our love anymore.
Even though times are hard and seem to go on.
We'll move past that point in time to find our futures.
Never again alone 'cause I'm finally home.
Let's stay together forevermore...

Happy new year everyone!! Let's stay together and never give up to fill this year again with happiness and barakallah. Naega dangsin-eul haengbog sowon!

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