Monday, December 13, 2010

Choose Your Way, How Happy You May!!

Assalamu'alaikum and hello everyone. Would you like to play with some quotes? For some good lessons, I think you should join me here.

InsyaAllah, at every turn in life, we'll find two roads. One right, and one wrong.

The wrong route will be easy, it will draw us. But the right path will be hard, with lots of hazards, a lot many troubles.

On the wrong road, initially, we might find success and happiness. But in the end, we'll lose.

Upon the right path, initially, we may trip at every step, we may face hazards and difficulties. But in the end, we will always win with the help of Allah, the Lord. InsyaAllah.

It is all about HIS secret and our faith on HIM. Be careful when choosing the way of your life because... ONCE YOU GET INTO THE BLACK, IT IS HARD TO COME BACK. But never give your hope up. Because Allah is forgiving.

Wallhu ta'ala a'lam~ 

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