Saturday, August 14, 2010

Shopping Day!!!

       Shopping day at first it is actually an interesting journey i bet..jln2 ngn ACEMY BAH around the sri petaling...i had enuf fun i think...unfortunately, we have to cope wif so much problems to go back to da hostel...haha..wait 4 da bus 4 almost 2 hours...find 4 a taxi then...but no one want to drive 5 of us to the hostel as it is limited to 4 persons only....4, we decided to have a walk from carefour to our hostel..and let clementine n eka go wif da taxi... nonsense huh?? no its not actually...prove is April, Yun n i were safely arrive at hostel...even we had to face wif da katak, mat rempit, n ol tat...hahaha..credits to us..


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